March 03rd 2022

Excursion to the InfoEck of the Generations

Students of the Nonprofit Management specialisation visit the drop-in centre for the young & the elderly

End of February, the "InfoEck der Generationen" welcomed a group of our Bachelor students for a field trip as part of the course "Praxislabor Nonprofit". The association Generations and Society is a contact point supported by the province of Tyrol and offers information on funding, support and educational opportunities for all generations. The previously separate areas - the youth info on the one hand, and the family/senior info on the other - were recently merged and a central info point for all target groups was set up at Bozner Platz.

The staff presented examples of what the InfoEck informs about, for example: Volunteering, Stays Abroad, EU Programs, Fake News, Health, Childcare, Safer Internet, Family Pass, Computerias and much more.

They then sent the students off on a short walk with a work assignment. Finally, Executive Director Christopher Bindra presented various aspects and case studies on association and nonprofit management for discussion.

In the summer semester, a project group with four students will work on a communication concept for the InfoEck der Generationen. The challenge now is to create an integrative concept via analog and digital information channels that is equally attractive to young people, families and senior citizens. To do this, common themes have to be identified and new spaces should be created via intergenerational contact. The students analyze the initial situation and independently collect data on the expectations and interests of possible target groups. Let's be curious what results this will bring!