March 31st 2022

DenkSportWeg - challenge and fun for young and old

Excursion as kick-off event for student project

Students of the Bachelor's program "Nonprofit, Social and Health Management" are doing mental exercises on the DenkSportWeg and, as can be seen in the photos, with a lot of fun. The students were able to see for themselves that these exercises are not only a challenge for the older generations, because "lifelong learning" starts at a young age, but it is never too late for it.

The DenkSportWeg on Schillerweg in Innsbruck was opened in March 2021 and is a forest mile for body and mind that contains a "best of" SelbA senior education from the last 20 years. Along the path, which was specifically developed for the 60+ target group, memory can be trained while walking along several stations. Due to its freely accessible location, the DenkSportWeg offers a "walk with added value".

This excursion to the DenkSportWeg was the kick-off event for a practical project in which five students will focus on two main points: on the one hand, it is about sharpening the acquisition, and, on the other hand, it is about specifying the offer so that this attractive service can also be made accessible to other communities in Tyrol and offered in a customized way.

The students will present their results at the end of June. "I am looking forward to the cooperation and the resulting inspiration and innovation," says project partner Angelika Stegmayr, Head of BILDUNG.gestalten of the Diözese Innsbruck.