February 24th 2023

Symposium "A chance to change" inspires positive transformations

Lectures and discussions on shaping change in the nonprofit, social & health sector

This year's symposium of the Department of Nonprofit, Social & Health Management took place from February 13 to 15 under the title "A Chance to Change - Successfully Shaping Change in the Nonprofit, Social & Health Sector". Marianne Dobner, co-founder of Hallo Klima!, gave the opening speech on the topic of "Climate protection - communicate, act, motivate".

As the event progressed, former students presented talks on topics such as communication, human rights due diligence, international development cooperation, leadership, ethics and sustainability. An important message of several presentations was that successful change in the nonprofit, social and health sectors can only be achieved through effective communication. In addition, the speakers emphasized that "stubborn optimism" can help overcome setbacks on the way to the goal.

Furthermore, the students were able to participate in a "Climate Action Simulation", a simulation-based role play similar to the United Nations, in which they were able to slip into the role of different negotiators at a fictitious climate summit.

Overall, the symposium provided a platform for exchange and discussion of current challenges in the nonprofit, social and health care sectors. The graduates presented informative and sometimes very humorous contributions, which gave the participants numerous recommendations for their professional and private future.