May 25th 2023

MCI-Philosophicum: Implementation of New Structures using the example of the Tyrol Control Center (Leitstelle Tirol)

Insights into the history and current work of the Tyrol Control Center (Leitstelle Tirol)

As part of the MCI-Philosophicum, the implementation of new structures using the Tyrol Control Center as an example was discussed last week. The two guest speakers, Dr. Dietmar Schennach, former deputy director of the regional office, and responsible administrative body for the implementation of the control center, and Mag. Bernd Noggler, CEO of the “Leitstelle Tirol”, accompanied the development history of the Control Center and shared the challenges and developments of the past decades with the students of the MCI program in Nonprofit, Social, and Health Management (Bachelor) as well as other guests. After a lively discussion at the MCI, the participants visited the Control Center in Innsbruck. There, they were divided into two groups and taken on a tour, gaining fascinating insights into the important work of the employees at the Tyrol Control Center.

About Tyrol Contorl Center (Leitstelle Tirol)

The Tyrol Control Center serves as the central coordination point for all emergency services in the Tyrol, with the exception of the police. It is responsible for handling emergency calls 122 (fire brigade), 140 (alpine emergency), 144 (ambulance service), and 14844 (patient transport). Additionally, the control center also hosts the Telephone Health Advisory Service 1450. On average, the Tirol Control Center receives and processes around 2,000 phone calls daily. In the initial phase, there were many skeptical voices regarding the functionality of this central unit. The idea became a "political football", which eventually led to the temporary establishment of a separate branch office in East Tyrol.