June 21st 2023

MCI student speaks at the 6th Humanitarian Congress Vienna

6th Humanitarian Congress Vienna on Humanitarian Imperative | MCI student Bianca Ernst as speaker

Bianca Ernst, a student in the fourth semester of the Nonprofit, Social and Health Management program at MCI, participated as a speaker at the 6th Humanitarian Congress Vienna on June 16, 2023. The event provided a unique opportunity for her to exchange ideas with experts and to contribute her insights and experiences to these important discussions. Her commitment to social justice and environmental protection, especially in relation to climate change and disaster relief, fits seamlessly into the thematic focus of the congress.

The Humanitarian Congress Vienna is a prestigious gathering of international actors from humanitarian aid, politics, media, academia, civil society and business. The Congress facilitates critical dialogue on policy, best practices, current developments and future visions in the field of humanitarian aid. This year's congress focused on four key themes: the non-negotiable humanitarian imperative, humanitarian aid in the context of climate change, forgotten crises and the use of hunger as a method of warfare.

Lukas Kerschbaumer, Head of the bachelor's program Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management, is delighted that Ms Ernst was able to represent the MCI and in particular her study program at the Humanitarian Congress Vienna: "Her participation shows that students of the MCI's Nonprofit, Social and Health Management program are also making an impact outside the university and we look forward to following her further path in the humanitarian sector. She will certainly be able to integrate the insights and experiences from her participation in the congress well into her further academic and professional career."