July 07th 2023

Project Fair as a Successful Conclusion of the Practical Semester

Students present the results of their projects to their practical partners and the public

It's done: the fourth-semester students of the Nonprofit, Social, and Health Care Management program at MCI have presented the results of their collaboration with practical partners at a concluding project fair, thus celebrating the successful completion of the semester.

Once again this year, the students of the Nonprofit, Social, and Health Care Management program at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® teamed up with practical partners to work on issues in the nonprofit, social, and health sectors. The focus is on problem areas with social relevance, where students can apply and enhance their skills in project management, empirical social research, innovation management, and social responsibility in a solution-oriented manner. In total, they worked on 12 projects, addressing topics such as the preservation of forest recreational areas increasingly threatened by wildfires due to climate change, or the reduction of food waste as a contribution to climate protection and social security for people facing financial challenges through social markets. Students also sought strategies for financing children's education in Nepal on an international level, and examined local approaches to provide optimal support for long-term unemployed people.

The didactic concept of the practical semester was honored with the "Ars Docendi Recognition Award" by the Federal Ministry in 2022 and made it onto the shortlist of the "2023 PRME Faculty Recognition Award," confirming the program's efforts to equip students with the tools for socially responsible action.