July 12th 2023

Social Cohesion, Participation, and Inclusion: A Community Kitchen in Pradler Saggen

Practice project by students of the Nonprofit, Social, and Health Management program with Neue Heimat Tirol

Students in the fourth semester of the bachelor's program in Nonprofit, Social, and Health Management are collaborating with the organization "Neue Heimat" on a groundbreaking project aimed at promoting social cohesion, participation, and inclusion, as well as combating loneliness and social isolation.

Their focus is on the neighborhood of Pradler Saggen in Innsbruck, where they aim to establish a community kitchen as a dedicated meeting place. By cooking together, they seek to strengthen social cohesion and create opportunities for participation.

The project involves actively involving the local residents through an analysis of the environment and situation to incorporate their ideas, desires, and suggestions into the design of the meeting place. The goal is to create a diverse and inclusive offering that meets the needs of the neighborhood residents. By creating opportunities for interaction and involving surrounding stakeholders, the project provides a chance to enrich the living environment in Pradler Saggen, strengthen community bonds, promote a sense of belonging, and provide residents of Pradler Saggen with another option to participate in social life.