August 11th 2023

MCI student achieves third place at the European Universities Combat Sports Championships

Interview with Lisa Heim, student of the bachelor's program Nonprofit, Social and Health Management

Lisa, you recently achieved 3rd place at the European Universities Combat Sports Championships in the sport of kickboxing (discipline: pointfighting, weight class: 55kg). Congratulations! What does this competition and the prize mean to you?

Lisa: Thank you very much! This competition was very special. Karate, kickboxing, judo and taekwando were all represented at this Universities Championship. It was my first participation and I was able to gain many new impressions. I got to know many students, exchanged ideas and gained valuable experience. At the same time, the competition made it clear how important my sport and the successful completion of my studies are to me.

How well can you combine sport with your bachelor's degree at the MCI?

Lisa: On the whole, sport is very compatible with my bachelor's degree. At first it was a challenge to reconcile compulsory attendance and daily training, which sometimes took place twice a day. But now everything is going very well. I can plan my training sessions well before or after lectures, even if it means structuring my daily routine precisely. I'm sure that will be a huge help later on.

What do you particularly like about the bachelor's program in Nonprofit, Social and Health Management?

Lisa: The diversity is something I particularly like. It opens doors and is perfect for people who like to try out different areas.

Your favorite place at the MCI?

Lisa: The roof terrace :)

Do you have plans after the bachelor's degree? If so, where do you want to go?

Lisa: No concrete plans at the moment. I always say that I want to work in the health sector, but who knows where my journey will ultimately lead.

Finally, do you have any advice for prospective students at MCI who are interested in studying Nonprofit, Social and Health Management?

Lisa: Firstly, take advantage of the internship opportunities. Secondly, attend guest lectures (even if they are in the evening). And, thirdly, enjoy your studies to the fullest.

We wish you all the best for the future.