October 16th 2023

MCI students at the 29th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services

Conference on sustainability, global health, and well-being in health care

From September 20 ot 22, three incoming MCI bachelor's students of the Nonprofit, Social and Health Care Management, Jazmin Villanueva Quevedo, Asia Joyandeh, and Babs Kerkvliet, took part in one of the most important events in the field of Health Administration and Health policies, which was hosted by The International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH).

Initiated in 1988 by the WHO, the International HPH Network focuses on optimizing hospital and health services concerning patients, staff, and environmental sustainability with the aim of reorienting and developing health services. The International HPH Network promotes annual plans for health policies, encourages communication between staff and health professionals, and also brings into discussion health measures and outcomes, along with the impact of their policies. They envision that their international network of hospitals and health services orient their governance models, structures, processes, and culture to optimize the health gains of patients, staff, and the populations that they serve, so as to best support sustainable societies.

This year, their annual meeting brought health leaders and professionals from around the world to the pioneering city of Vienna. Hosted by the University of Vienna, this year the theme was “The Role of Health Promotion in Well-Being-Oriented Healthcare”, having multiple plenary sessions to discuss the topic at hand.

During this event, the MCI students provided technical support during the sessions, having the chance not only to gain working experience but also to benefit themselves from hearing professionals in their field of study discussing the current issues present in health all around the world.