November 22nd 2023

Mental Health First Aid

Innovative course for students of the Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program

The Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program, in collaboration with pro mente tirol, presents a groundbreaking offering for future students in Tyrol: the seminar "Mental Health First Aid". This initiative, awarded with the Austrian Health Competence Prize, not only provides a hands-on exploration of mental health issues but also offers significant advantages for future career paths.

Highest-level qualification: The seminars, licensed by Mental Health First Aid and internationally recognized, are offered by pro mente tirol in cooperation with pro mente Austria and the Australian Mental Health. The program provides students with the opportunity to further their education in a high-quality, evidence-based environment. The award of the Health Competence Prize confirms the quality and practical relevance of this unique offering.

Diverse applications in professional life: Graduates of the "Mental Health First Aid" seminar acquire not only personal skills in dealing with psychosocial challenges but also gain a crucial advantage for their professional future. Many companies and organizations already appreciate the skills of mental health first aiders. Especially in social and health-related roles, sensitivity is crucial, and employees may be confronted with challenging situations. The value of trained mental health first aiders for addressing psychosocial challenges in companies is therefore significant. Our students are thus optimally prepared for working in teams with high responsibility and demands.

Practice-oriented seminar in the program: The "Mental Health First Aid" seminar is an integral part of the Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program. In classes, students receive practical knowledge on mental health, concrete first aid measures, and the opportunity to apply what they have learned in practical settings. In collaboration with the Caritas Tirol Volunteer Center, the concept of Service Learning is applied, allowing students to gain initial insights into a broad spectrum of organizations in the nonprofit, social, and health sectors and apply their knowledge.

The Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program therefore not only offers a sound academic education, but also practical and future-oriented additional qualifications. Head of Department Lukas Kerschbaumer is delighted about the integration of this new course: "This gives our students the opportunity to acquire highly relevant skills for the labour market and occupational healthcare."

Interested applicants are warmly invited to apply for the upcoming academic year and benefit from this unique offering.