March 25th 2024

Study Trip to the Psychosocial Centers Tirol

Students get to know the services of a counseling organization for individuals in mental crises

As part of their internship semester, second-year students of the program Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management had the opportunity to visit the Psychosocial Centers Tirol (PSZ) located at Maximilianstraße 23 in Innsbruck. These facilities have been providing counseling for people in mental crises and their families for two years.

Since their establishment two years ago, the PSZ have become crucial support centers for individuals experiencing mental health crises and their relatives. CEO Michael Wolf and Elisa Steiner, in charge of public relations, provided students with comprehensive information about the wide range of services offered by the centers, as well as the challenges in public relations.

As part of their project work this summer semester, students will explore how to better reach men, in particular, with the services offered by the PSZ. We are very excited about this wonderful opportunity and look forward to the project results.