May 31st 2024

Exploring Sustainable Growth in Japanese Family Firms: A Journey Abroad

A six-week endeavor of research and cultural immersion

Embarking on a six-week research expedition to Japan, one of our esteemed faculty members delved into the intricate realm of sustainable growth within family firms. Collaborating with prestigious institutions such as Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and NUCB Business School, this journey was not merely about academic inquiry but also cultural exchange. Here's a brief account of her stay, as shared by our colleague, Desiree Wieser:

"For over a year, I have been collaborating with colleagues from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and NUCB Business School in Japan to find out more about sustainable growth across generations in family firms. Thanks to a newly established program at MCI, I had the chance to relocate to Japan for six weeks to focus on this research project. Together with the MCI Family Business Center, we conducted interviews across generations in different family firms in the south of Japan. Besides gaining valuable insights into the dynamics, practices, and philosophies of Japanese family firms, I also had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the country itself, exchange ideas with brilliant minds, and further develop myself on a personal level. A special thank you goes to my wonderful hosts and colleagues, Yoshiki Shinohara, Rebecca Chunghee Kim, and Pajaree Ackaradejruangsri, who made my stay unforgettable!"