July 10th 2024

Successful presentation of 4th semester projects

Students show innovative solutions for current public challenges

At the end of the semester, MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® recently presented the results of the practical projects of the fourth semester students in the bachelor's degree program Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management to the public. Throughout the spring semester, the students had worked on projects on real-life problems and were now able to present their innovative and practice-oriented solutions.

Project overview:

Nonprofit Management

  • KLIMABÜNDNIS TIROL: Guidelines for the dialog between mayors on climate justice
    The students developed a guideline for dialogs with mayors to reflect on the effectiveness of development education and municipal climate action. The aim was to qualitatively assess the contribution that municipal awareness-raising can make from a global perspective.
    Project support: Renate Windbichler
  • UNIPFARRE / DIÖZESE: Measuring the effectiveness of the university parish
    The university parish faces the challenge of measuring its impact without the classic resource allocation systems for residential parishes. The students developed approaches to measure the impact of the parish on students and analyzed ways to link resources.
    Project support: Renate Windbichler

Health management

  • PSYCHOSOCIAL CENTERS TIROL: Public relations - How can men be better reached?
    The aim of this project was to develop strategies to better inform men about the counseling services offered by the Psychosocial Centers Tyrol and to break down barriers to their use.
    Project support: Jolanda Baur
  • BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED ASSOCIATION TIROL (BSVT): Living with visual impairment in the Außerfern region - opportunities and barriers
    The students investigated the support services and barriers for visually impaired people in the Außerfern region. They developed recommendations for improving the quality of life and promoting inclusion.
    Project support: Wei Manske-Wang

Social management

  • SOS KINDERDORF: Employer branding in relation to staff recruitment
    In this project, the students developed strategies to improve the attractiveness of SOS Children's Village as an employer in order to counter the shortage of skilled workers and respond to the changing needs of the target group.
    Project support: Wei Manske-Wang
  • CARITAS: FÜREINANDERDASEIN Network - Caring Communities in rural areas
    The students researched how a network of professional services and voluntary work can be established in rural areas. The aim was to promote quality of life and cooperation in communities.
    Project support: Margit Schäfer

The project presentation at MCI showed once again how practical and future-oriented the Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program is. The students were able to gain valuable experience through their projects and make important contributions to current social challenges.