November 10th 2023

Exploring the Social and Healthcare Sector

Insights into the Real Working World through Excursions in the Nonprofit, Social, and Health Management Program at MCI

This year, MCI lecturer Margit Schäfer led first-semester students from the Nonprofit, Social, and Health Management program to organizations in the social and healthcare sector, providing them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with potential partners and future employers.

The following organizations were part of the program:

  • Caritas
  • Stadtrundgang der Not
  • Freiwilligenzentrum
  • Lebenshilfe Tirol
  • Volkshilfe
  • Psychosoziale Zentren Tirol
  • HobbyLobby
  • Austrian Doctors
  • Klimabündnis
  • Tiroler Soziale Dienste
  • Alpenverein
  • AMS Tirol
  • Careum Schweiz
  • SOS Kinderdorf
  • Hermann-Gmeiner-Akademie
  • Tirol Kliniken

This hands-on experience offered students valuable insights into the real working world of the social and healthcare sector. They had the chance to meet potential employers and partner organizations, gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse career opportunities in these crucial fields.

Here are some impressions from the students themselves:

"The excursions were particularly interesting in my opinion because the people sharing their work clearly enjoy what they do, and that enthusiasm transferred to me."

"I participated in the excursions with high expectations and was not disappointed. In such a practice-oriented environment, it is crucial to continually remind oneself of the real situations of those affected, and that's precisely what these excursions achieve."

"I found the excursions very interesting. They provide insight into the organizations one might work for in the future. The chosen timing was also excellent because it allowed us to assess what we were getting into right at the beginning. I thought it was very well organized."

"The excursions were a great introduction to the study program. On one hand, you get to know many organizations that might become future employers, and on the other hand, it reaffirms why you chose this course of study."

A heartfelt thank you to the participating partner organizations for taking the time to inspire our students!