October 18th 2018

Official opening of the DiBSE program

The official launch of the Digital Business & Software Engineering study program at MCI took place together with stakeholders and students in the framework of the MCI Welcome.

In order to introduce DiBSE supporters and enthusiasts to the "Digital Business & Software Engineering" program, which had already been finalized and started, they were invited for a get-together at the Congress Innsbruck on October 18 as part of the MCI Welcome.

Head of the department Peter Mirski pointed out the special characteristics, the ingenious time frames and also imaginable opportunities for a cooperation with our department just before the illustrious round went on to exciting discussions.

The MCI Welcome was a great opportunity for students to get to know the broad range of MCI's educational services in a relaxed atmosphere, to receive first-hand information, and to establish contacts with fellow students from other programs.

A highlight of the evening was Edward Snowden with his talk "Big Brother is watching you". The event provided the opportunity of discussion with Robert Tibbo, the lawyer who helped Edward Snowden to secure his safety and status as an asylum seeker in Hong Kong and facilitating his successful exit from Hong Kong to Moscow. In collaboration with the Tiroler Tageszeitung und the APA Austria Press Agency, MCI provided a worldwide livestream of this event.

Following this eye-opening and outstanding talk, the students were able to conclude the evening at the Student Party "Celebrate with motivated people" in the Hofgarten.

Die offizielle Eröffnung des Studiengangs Digital Business & Software Engineering mit Peter Mirski.