November 16th 2018

Coding Contest @MCI

For the second time, the "Management, Communication & IT - (MCiT)" department, this time together with the "Digital Business & Software Engineering (DiBSE)" department, organized the international Catalysts Coding Contest at the MCI. More than 3,000 participants simultaneously matched up on exciting programming tasks at 28 different locations worldwide.

As always, the contest consisted of several levels, which gradually became more difficult as they built on each other. On the 16th of November at 15:00 CET, the contest started in our premises, and the participants put themselves to the test. Thanks to the support of Red Bull, they were able to completely concentrate on the tasks for the full four hours and exceeded their programming limits. We were particularly delighted that some of our DiBSE & MCiT students also took part and accepted the practice-oriented programming challenges.

The Catalysts Coding Contest is an international programming contest that takes place in over 28 countries in almost every continent. It is one of the most renowned IT competitions, with several thousand participants per event. The format allows all interested talents to join: from young to old, schoolchildren, students, practitioners, etc. Most of them get further than they expected and are already looking forward to the next programming competition after their participation.

Save the date for next year: Coding Contest on March 22, 2019

We are looking forward to numerous participations!

MCiT Studenten beim Coding Contest.