October 01st 2018


MCiT Bachelor class 2018 starts into the first semester

On Monday, October 1st 2018, we welcomed 66 new bachelor students in our Management, Communication & IT study program as part of the MCI family. After the warm words of welcome from the head of department Peter J. Mirski and the introduction to the MCiTeam, our first semester students were perfectly attuned to the study life at the MCI.

We are incredibly proud that on October 18th, during the general MCI Welcome and the opening of our new DiBSE study program, Edward Snowden will be broadcasted live to the Dogana. (https://www.mci.edu/de/hochschule/events/24-alle-veranstaltungen-de/alumni/1479-edward-snowden).

The MCiT Freshers are clinking glasses with Peter Mirski