May 11th 2019

BLOG-MCiT Insights – Flavorful coffee and a warm banana bread

Five Cafés in Innsbruck, which you definitely need to visit during your MCiT-studies


Tasty cake, a cappuccino and a cozy atmosphere in one of our favorite coffeeshops
Tasty cake, a cappuccino and a cozy atmosphere in one of our favorite coffeeshops

Whether it's cloudy rainy weather or bright sunshine - a cup of coffee with friends in a cozy café will bring you in a good mood anyway! To prevent long internet searches or disoriented walks through the city, we, two MCiT-students like to introduce you our five favourite cafés today. We are sure - you will love them!

The first one is a new, small but very nice café. The Café Crema is inconspicuously hidden in an alleyway between the Maria-Theresien street and “Triumphpforte”. Breakfast and coffee are almost unbeatable. With a lot of love and attention to detail, all foods and drinks are freshly prepared and really tasty!

A bit different, but just as special as the others, is the Café Katzung. It is located almost directly next to the Golden Roof, so it is perfect for a MCiT-lunchbreak. Although the café offers a lot of space, it is not uncommon that all the seats are occupied on a Sunday afternoon. A quite extensive coffee and tea menu together with a large selection of delicious cakes invites you to stay for a while.

Whether in the morning, afternoon or late into the night, the Kater Noster is a real favourite among us, students. In addition to the special drinks that the “Kater” offers in the evening, a cosy afternoon in the urban café near the „Triumphpforte“ is also highly recommended. Owing to so many fancy drinks, it won’t be the last visit!

The Max Standard, located in the “Anichstraße” is very small... and also something very special. All delicacies, whether in liquid or solid form, are here served in bamboo dishes to the small round tables. In addition, several alternatives to classic cow's milk are offered. So also for allergy sufferers the ideal destination for a short break.

Last but not least we would like to recommend the Haepinest to you. It is just outside the centre, but still within walking distance on the other side of the Inn. Here you will feel at home whether you are having a cozy chat with friends, an exciting book or some To-Dos for the MCiT-lectures. A special tip from us: enjoy a fresh piece of homemade banana bread with your Chai Latte!

Now it is your decision. To a hopefully soon decision and good coffee! ;-)

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies