May 21st 2019

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Start your semester right with your own MCiT buddy. Why not?


The buddy event of MCiT 2018 in a nice local bar in Innsbruck.
The buddy event of MCiT 2018 in a nice local bar in Innsbruck.

Every beginning is difficult. At the beginning of a new study, it is often very chaotic and nerve-wracking. Which exams are the most challenging? What is important in which course? Or where is the best café in town?

Many questions, but only a few answers for first semester students. These challenges can be very nerve-wracking in the beginning. That's why the degree program MCiT created the MCiT buddy system. With the buddy event, new students will be offered strong support to master this new phase of their life without any problems.

The Buddy Event is organized by the ÖH of the Management Center Innsbruck and takes place in the first weeks of the winter semester. The event will take place in a nice bar in Innsbruck where the MCiT students of the first semester are going to meet the students of the third semester.

The assignment of the buddy usually happens with a small game. These games are quite simple, for example, last year it was a funny picture game. The first semester students are given a child photo of the buddy and in addition, the students must recognize the buddy in the bar. Thus, every student can get his own buddy. The buddy of a student remains a helpful contact person throughout the entire study time and offers optimal support for the MCiT program. Furthermore, it is also possible to create a friendship for life with buddies.

Whether undergraduate or graduate programs, with the MCiT buddy system everyone can easily and successfully start their MCiT program and enjoy their time at the Management Center Innsbruck.

Authors: Johannes Nigg & Ramona Sturn

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies