May 20th 2019

Blog-MCiT Insights – personal interview with professor Clint Leahr

A brief insight into his career and work at the MCiT department to date


Senior Professor Clint Leahr in front of the MCI building
Senior Professor Clint Leahr in front of the MCI building

Knowing the contents and the general conditions of your studies are very helpful for making a decision about your study program. We have researched for you more deeply and would like to show you in our blog post and video what’s behind the professors who are teaching the study program MCiT.

We asked Mr. Clint Leahr for an interview. Through the following link, you can watch the whole interview:

Mr. Leahr is a senior professor at the Management Center Innsbruck and has been teaching in the MCiT program for 13 years so far. In the following, you will not only get an insight into how our English Professor got to know the MCI but also about his career he has already had.

How did you get to know the MCI and why did you choose to work here?
Actually, I got to know the MCiT through a mutual friend and the reason I chose to work here was because of the challenge it provided me. It is a great challenge and I wanted to be part of that.

Tell us about your career before teaching MCiT students?
Before coming to teach at the MCI and for MCiT I was actually Senior Corporate Training Consultant for Anthony Robbins in the Anthony Robbins Companies. My job basically was travelling 50 weeks a year and every day I would go out and I would actually talk to cooperations and do training and team development.

Describe how your previous work can benefit current MCiT students?
One of my goals here in MCiT is to actually take the skills that I’ve learned and help the students to be able to develop themselves more. It’s not just teaching them the subject matter but it’s also developing skills that help them throughout their lives.

How would you describe the MCiT in three words?

  • innovative
  • exciting
  • surprisingly attractive

Authors: Nina Henkel & Nina Gussnig

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies