August 12th 2019

Blog-MCiT Insights - Personal interview with Teresa Spieß

A brief insight into her career and work at MCI to date

Professor Teresa Spieß in front of the MCI building
Professor Teresa Spieß in front of the MCI building

The lecturers' interviews go into the second round! After the successful interview with our professor Clint Leahr, we want to keep nothing back and let you even know more about our professors and lecturers.

We introduce: Teresa Spieß.
Teresa Spieß is a professor at the Management Center Innsbruck and is teaching MCiT students since 2008.

How did you get to know the MCI and why did you choose to work here?
I got to know the MCI when I was a student or rather when I was looking for a suitable place to study. I have looked around here in Innsbruck and searched for something that has to do with business economics. Even at this time, I was interested in the technological background, which back then was not as highly developed in the study program as it is today. That is how I became aware of the study program at the MCI. After successfully completing the diploma program at the MCI, which lasted four years, I wrote my diploma theses in the so-called research lab at the MCI, that today is known as the interactive part. Afterwards, Professor Mirski asked me if I would like to stay at the MCI to work. In the beginning, I started working at the research lab. Later I improved myself more in the area of HR management. In this area, I also wrote my dissertation and monitored my own research areas.

Tell us more about your career before teaching MCiT students
Through my career as an academic assistant at the MCI and the following doctoral program, I am mainly in the academic section at home. Meaning that I do not have much practical experience. Of course, this is also reflected and considered in the subjects that I teach. The subjects that I teach are not formed out of practice. Through the fact that the MCI also place great value to the academic research, I am responsible for these modules.

Describe how your previous work can benefit current MCiT students
I think it is a great advantage that I have seen the whole process from the other side and know the situation as an MCI student. I think knowing it from the student sight is a very valuable experience that speaks for me. I know where the students need support, what is important for them and that is exactly what I can deliver to my students through my path. Most important is to shape the study program in an exciting way. Otherwise, we could all sit still and wait for what comes along if we let them completely by themselves. My goal is to support the students in the best possible way, so that in the end awesome things come around, which also works very well when it comes to bachelor theses.

How would you describe the MCiT in three words?
Very difficult to put in three words, but I think I can better explain if I divide it into three areas:
Classic – first the word innovative.  But I almost do not want to mention it because I think it does not involve everything. For me, the study program is constantly changing and always up to date. The content modules should always be adapted to the needs of the economy. Important is that MCiT students are not going to learn things that were exciting five years ago. In fact, you will learn things that will be thrilling in three years. I think that's a very urgent aspect.
Furthermore, I believe, regardless of the study organization, that the study program is extremely creative. There is a lot of creativity slumbering in all participants, which is our goal to reveal it in the end.
Which in turn is only possible if you have very special talents in the team. With this aspect I talk about aspect number three. We have many special personalities coming to us with their very own stories. They do their own thing and promote the students in the best possible way. Being a part of this team is something very big and exciting for me.

Authors: Nina Henkel und Nina Gussnig

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies
Prof. Dr. Teresa Spieß | Organizational Psychology & Change Management Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Teresa Spieß Organizational Psychology & Change Management +43 512 2070 - 3525