July 11th 2019

Blog-MCiT Insights - From strawberry beer to house wine splashes

Five bars in Innsbruck you need to visit during your MCiT studies


A cozy evening with friends or a passed exam - our five favourite bars are available for every oc-casion.
A cozy evening with friends or a passed exam - our five favourite bars are available for every oc-casion.

No matter if a comfortable Friday evening, a passed exam or simply a completed task in a well-harmonizing team - celebrating milestones, successes or new friendships with fellow MCiT students makes us happy and helps us to maintain the motivation for future challenges for sure.

First, we would like to introduce our all-time favourite, the Sixtytwenty. Whether directly after an exam with other MCiT students or in the evening in a sociable group. A cool refreshment, a cappuccino or a refreshing beer in the Sixtytwenty are never out of place. Due to the perfect location directly at the MCI campus, you will certainly meet fellow students there.

Tribaun has probably the largest selection of different types of beer in Innsbruck. From black beer, strawberry beer and rock'n'roll beer, this pub has everything a beer lover can imagine. As soon as one variety is empty, a new barrel is opened. This will probably be a completely new one that has not been on the menu for a long time or maybe even never before. For the special Beer Tasting, where you can try the most unusual beers in 0.1l glasses, you can simply reserve a table online.

In the Wohnzimmer you can spend a cozy evening with your MCiT colleagues and let an exhausting university day fade away. An atmosphere that makes you feel at home is usual here. Whether tasty cocktails or refreshing splashes, at Wohnzimmer there is something for every taste. Sometimes funny game evenings take place, where the evening flies by while benefiting from a large selection of board games. So get off of the sofa and into the Wohnzimmer (living room)!

Next, we'd like to introduce you to the Moustache behind the Golden Roof – just a few steps from the MCI. The cozy atmosphere and modern furniture invite you to stay. Our favourite drink there is the house wine in white or red, according to your taste! The glass of wine can be enjoyed on the terrace in summer or on cold evenings you can stay in the winding rooms of the bar. The music also supports the open-minded atmosphere in the bar.

The Theresienbräu, located right next to the Triumphpforte, is a typical Austrian restaurant that can also be described as a bar in the evening. During the day you can enjoy Austrian specialties, and in the evening after your MCiT lectures, you can simply enjoy a drink with entertaining music. In the middle of the room, the remaining components of the former brewery are left over. They really contribute to the unique atmosphere.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon in one of our favourite bars!

Authors: Rebekka Faißt, Hannah Buder

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies