August 05th 2019

Blog-MCiT Insights - Lake Constance – not the worst idea

Small insight into the life of your “Gsiberger” study colleagues complacent? Then let yourself be inspired by our personal recommendations around Lake Constance…

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Sunset at Lake Constance
Sunset at Lake Constance

Innsbruck is one of the most popular hotspots where students from all over Austria and the surrounding area come together. For this reason, a variety of dialects are given and also one or the other customs are dragged to the student city. This is what also happens in our degree course "Management, Communication & IT". The Tyrolean neighbours, in particular, our “Gsiberger” friends, are very well represented here and do not always make communication easy for us. You always wanted to get a glimpse into the life of your Vorarlberg student colleagues and better understand their #rurallove? Then enjoy our recommendations during a small language trip to the beautiful Vorarlberg.

Lake Constance and the surrounding area is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway and offers a wide range of leisure activities. You can reach Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg, in just two hours and let yourself be inspired by the atmosphere on the lake. At the ÖBB you pay only 20 € for a train journey (with an advantage ticket). Especially Bregenz convinces, in addition to the scenery, with great restaurants, bars and recreational opportunities. A small fact on the edge: In addition to the Celtic tribe, James Bond also settled on Lake Constance for a while, during the filming of the movie "Quantum Trost" and was able to enjoy one of many beautiful sunsets.

Furthermore, you should not miss Lindau when visiting Vorarlberg. Lindau is especially known for its old town island with magnificent statues and old walls. In the harbor, there is a beautiful lighthouse overlooking the lake and the mountains. The Mole 3 Stoffel's ( in Lindau sailing club is perfectly suitable for a snack in between while watching the action on the lake. For 12,80 € you can come by boat from Bregenz to Lindau and back within 20 minutes and enjoy meanwhile the crossing at sea.

Some insider tips:


Some important vocabulary:

  • Hind ear a bier dau? - Do you have a beer?
  • Hasch du a hondtua zum ga schweammo gau? - Do you have a towel to go swimming?
  • Schaffa, schaffa hüsle buha - Working, building a house

(That was „Bregenzerwälderisch“)

Take care and see you soon!

Authors: Johanna Kristen and Rebecca Metzler

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Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies