July 28th 2021

MCiT Teaching Team at the KMO & LTEC Conference 2021

Management, Communication & IT lecturers, alumni and students presented their most recent research results


The Management, Communication & IT teaching team was successfully represented at this years KMO & LTEC.
MCI Professor Christian Ploder, Senior Lecturer Thomas Dilger and MCI Professor Stephan Schlögl are delighted about the latest publications. Foto credit: MCiT Department

The KMO "International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference" & LTEC "International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education Challenges" bring together researchers and developers to discuss and explore knowledge management in organizations. A wide range of research topics was discussed: Knowledge Management in general, Social and Organizational Aspects, Innovation Management, Innovation, Evaluation and Services, Big Data & Cloud Computing, Internet of Things.

The annual international conference was postponed to July 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and was co-located in a hybrid format for 2020 and 2021. The organizer was the National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The Management, Communication & IT teaching team around Teresa Spieß, Reinhard Bernsteiner, Thomas Dilger, Christian Ploder, Stephan Schlögl and Matthias Janetschek presented their latest research results:

KMO 2020/2021

  • Bernsteiner, Ploder, Dilger, Nigg, Spieß, Weichelt: An Analysis of an Augmented Reality Application to support Service Staff in Industrial Maintenance
  • Kirchebner, Schlögl, Bass, Dilger: Investigating Trust in Expert System Advice for Business Ethics Audits
  • Ploder, Bernsteiner, Schlögl, Walter: Critical Success Factors of Hybrid-ERP Implementations
  • Ploder, Weber, Bernsteiner, Schlögl: Knowledge Gain in Production Planning and Execution Systems
  • Ploder, Bernsteiner, Schlögl, Weichelt, Herfert: Data Quality Categories with a First Exploration Towards Agility

LTEC 2020

  • Pammer, Pattermann, Schlögl: Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Digital Interruptions in Webinars
  • Viertler, Schlögl, Mayer, Janetschek, Pattermann: Show me the Universe! Perceived Usability and Task Load of an AR Mobile-app in Secondary School Learning

The MCiT teaching team was actively supported by our MCiT Bachelor and Master students as well as alumni:

  • Johannes Nigg, Bachelor MCiT JG 17 Alumnus
  • Rebecca Weichelt, Master MCiT JG 19 Student
  • Tobias Kirchebner, Master MCiT JG 18 Alumnus
  • Johannes Walter, Bachelor MCiT JG 16 Alumnus
  • David Weber, Master MCiT JG 19 Student
  • Sofia Herfert, Master MCiT JG 18 Alumna
  • Patricia Viertler, Bachelor MCiT JG 16 Alumna
  • Reinhard Mayer, Master MCiT JG 20 Student

Interdepartmental or interuniversity contributors to the publications were:

  • Maria Pammer, MCI - The Entrepreneurial School
  • Juliana Pattermann, MCI - The Entrepreneurial School
  • Erin Bass, University of Nebraska Omaha

MCI Professor Dr. Stephan Schlögl is delighted with the latest publications: "Our success at international conferences speaks for the quality of the scientific work done by MCiT students and faculty. But I am particularly pleased that we are constantly succeeding in cooperating on research projects with other MCI departments as well as with our international partners, such as the University of Nebraska - Omaha in the given case."

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies