March 10th 2022

Semester Update Spring '22

MCiT & DiBSE News


Just in time for the beginning of spring, the new issue of our semester update is published. It contains exciting information: the new curriculum for our MCiT Master with focus on Digital Entrepreneurship, numerous awards and prizes for our lecturers and graduates, interesting results from our research unit, a short preview of the upcoming summer semester and more.
Just in time for the beginning of spring, the new issue of the MCiT & DiBSE semester update is published. Foto credit: Arno Rottensteiner

New in our team

David Drexel

"During my master studies in physics at the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck, I discovered my enthusiasm for the field of machine learning. After graduating with my master's degree in October 2020, I spent half a year working on the application of neural networks for the analysis of EEG data. I am happy that since November last year I have been able to work on exciting research questions in the field of encrypted machine learning as a Project Assistant at MCI."

Four new external lecturers

Inga Minelgaite will be teaching Project Management in the 2nd semester of our MCiT Master's program this summer semester. Also Anastassia Lauterbach is looking forward to new challenges at the department: For the first time, she will teach the Management Camp in the 4th semester of the MCiT Bachelor's program and the Digital Business module in the 6th semester of the DiBSE Bachelor’s program. Anne-Marie Gilis provides her professional expertise to our MCiT Bachelor students in the 4th semester at the Media Camp. Gundula Glowka gives our 2nd semester DiBSE students comprehensive insights into General Business Administration and will also teach the course Presentation Techniques to our 2nd semester MCiT Bachelor students. Welcome to our team!

MCiT & DiBSE insights

New curriculum for our MCiT Master

It's all about Digital Entrepreneurship: How do I launch digital products and services? How do I finance my projects and market innovations? How do I develop my start-up? Which channels do I use for marketing and communication? How do I identify the right technical solutions? These questions and many more are answered by the interdisciplinary approach of our MCiT Master's program. With the Digital Entrepreneurship Labs and Projects in the 2nd and 3rd semesters, the new curriculum for the first time provides elective modules that allow our students to specialize. Internationality continues to be an integral part of our Master's program: The optional semester abroad and the study tour to Silicon Valley enable our Master students to build an international business network. Students who are willing to go the extra mile have the unique opportunity to earn a dual degree at our US-American partner university UNO, University of Nebraska at Omaha. For more insights click here.

163 freshmen start their study adventure

We started the new academic year with a total of 163 freshmen in our three study programs. The kick-off was made by 68 DiBSE freshmen who met at the MCI Campus on the first weekend in September for the opening ceremony. They were followed by 65 Bachelor MCiT freshmen on October, 5th. Our 30 Master MCiT Freshmen had their Welcome Days two days later. We are very happy to accompany our new students on their way at MCI! For more insights click here.

MCI graduation ceremony on October, 16th

The graduation ceremony is the highlight and official conclusion of an MCI study. Over 100 of our MCiT Bachelor and Master graduates, as well as our first DiBSE alumni, celebrated the end of an important phase in their lives together with their families, friends and companions in the historic ambience of the Dogana at Congress Innsbruck. We congratulate our alumni on this important milestone and wish them good luck and success in their private and professional lives!

New partner universities for MCiT

Off to Latin America! Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. In the future, our MCiT Bachelor students can look forward to a spot at our new partner university, the Universidad del Pacífico. With the IQS Ramon Llull University, we can also increase our contingent of exchange places in the vibrant metropolis of Barcelona. Last but not least, the contract with Seton Hall University in New Jersey/USA was extended by five years. For more insights click here.


Award for innovative teaching

Teresa Spieß and Thomas Dilger have been awarded the Ars Docendi Recognition Award for their project "ABWL für Wirtschaftsinformatiker/innen einfach anders - Mastering the Basics to strive for Excellence!", which was developed in collaboration with management consultant and MCI lecturer, Helmut Zangerl. We are happy for you! For more insights click here.

Innsbruck Research Award goes to MCiT lecturer Teresa Spieß

With her research paper "An Interactional Perspective of Innovative Work Behavior - Analysis of the Situational Specificity of Broad and Narrow Personality Traits as Predictors" Teresa Spieß awarded the City of Innsbruck’s Prize for Research & Innovation at MCI | The Entrepreneurial University. In her research she tackled the topic of 'Innovative Behaviors in the Workplace', examining the relationship between personality traits and the development of innovative work behaviors in the company. In addition to the Ars Docendi Recognition Award, Teresa Spieß can now look forward to another prize! For more insights click here.

We would like to congratulate

... our Master MCiT Alumnus LUKAS HESCHL for the Best Student Contribution Award for his conference contribution "Digital Twin - A Case Study on Industry 4.0 in Teaching". For more insights click here.

... our Bachelor MCiT Alumnus FELIX MITTERER to the sponsorship prize of the German Friends of the Universities in Innsbruck (DFK). For more insights click here.

... our Master MCiT Alumna NATLIE BAUR for the Clemens August Andreae Prize. For more insights click here.

The whole MCiTeam is happy together with the awardees!

Conferences & publications

With numerous scientific publications - including conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, etc. - our lecturers, often supported by MCiT alumni and students, have contributed to a sustainable communication of their current research results in the past months. Here is an overview of the new publications, for which we would like to congratulate our research team:

ARES, August 2021

ICHMS + ICL + SAP Conference + Heidelberg Laureate Forum, September 2021

ICMI + GameSec, October 2021

ICERI, November 2021

International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, December 2021

ICL + HICSS + VINC, January 2022

CCDS Journal, February 2022

INTED, March 2022


Celebrating 20 years of MCiT studies, research & services

More than 1,000 degrees, some 960 graduates and currently around 370 students in three study programs: that's the balance sheet from 20 years of the Department of Digitalization at MCI | The Entrepreneurial University. Have you founded a start-up? Would you like to cooperate with us in the course of a research/practice project? Do you have exciting topics for Bachelor or Master Theses? Or, you simply want to celebrate 20 years together with us? In our anniversary year, we invite our companions, friends, students and alumni to join us in exploring the future of technology, digital skills and adequate IT solutions for current challenges. Your ideas are welcome! Feel free to email us at: Office MCiT

Save the Date: MCiT Forum 2022 on June, 1st

This year's MCiT Forum, organized by our 2nd semester MCiT Master students, will take place on June, 1st. Our digital conference is dedicated to the topic "Digital Business in Asia". Look forward to a great opportunity for an inspiring exchange on an exciting topic, which will be h from various perspectives in diverse talks with top-class, international speakers. Details about the program will follow!

Summer semester 2022

We can't wait to see you again on campus!