April 03rd 2023


MCiT & DiBSE News

Just in time for spring, the new issue of our semester update is published. It offers you exciting insights into the previous semester and brings you up to date. We give insights into our study programs, scholarships, events, puclications and much more.
We ring in the spring with the new issue of our MCiT & DiBSE News. Photo Credit: Arno Rottensteiner

New in our team

Gundula Glowka

"After completing my International Economic and Business Studies at the University of Innsbruck, I worked at the MCI in the Center for Family Businesses for the last five years. In my research work, I specialized in the risk behavior of small and medium-sized family businesses. As of February 2023, I moved to the academic department MCiT and I am happy that I will be able to contribute my expertise as a lecturer in the future."

Ludwig Andres

"After completing my Master's degree in 'Sustainable Regional and Destination Development', I decided to join MCI because I knew I would find a challenging job in project management here. Working with the students and their enthusiasm for the topics of management, communication & IT gives me new perspectives and ideas that enrich my work and motivate me."

Arno Rottensteiner

"During my Master’s studies in Management, Communication & IT I already gained valuable experience as a project assistant in various scientific and practical projects. Especially the collaboration in scientific publications and the participation in international conferences inspired me to continue my academic career with a PhD in Management. Since December, I have been a permanent member of the MCiTeam as a doctoral student and I am looking forward to contribute and share my knowledge and experience in different projects, organizational issues and lectures."

Vanessa Schmidt

"I am always looking for new challenges. After 9 years in a management position at the AEWIGE laboratory for Tyrol/Vorarlberg, I noticed that organization is a great area of responsibility that I am very fond of. Through my duties as a trainer in a sports club, training young people is another thing that motivates me a lot. I am extremely happy to be able to work in such a warm and competent environment and give students the best possible education."

Willemijn van Kooten

"After completing my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Earth Sciences at LFU Innsbruck, I worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Geology at the University of Potsdam for several years. Eventually, I was drawn back to Tyrol, where I found my next professional challenge at MCI. Since October, I am happy to support the DiBSE team as a research assistant in organization, research and teaching and also to contribute my knowledge to a wide variety of digitization projects."

Andrea Corradini

"I was most recently a Professor at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, combining in-depth knowledge from the fields of neuroinformatics and cognitive robotics. My research interests are extremely diverse and include welfare design, human-computer interaction, multimodal user interfaces and immersive realities. As a proven expert in the field of computer science, I am excited to contribute my knowledge to the DiBSE program in the future."

Linus Henke

"After completing my Bachelor's degree in Physics at the University of Siegen, I wanted to gain experience in the field of software development alongside my Master's degree at LFU Innsbruck. Being hired as a project assistant in the Secure Machine Learning (SMiLE) group at MCI provides a perfect environment to do so. I have been at MCI since January 2023 and am very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the field of software engineering."

We warmly welcome our new colleagues to our team and look forward to working together!

New external lecturers

Michael Wörndlehas joined the team for Human Resource Management in the 5th semester of our MCiT Bachelor’s program. Thomas Dilger got support for the IT Investment course in the Master's 1st semester by Marco Haid. Marc Heiss completes the Marketing team in the MCiT Master's. Britta Lorenz teaches the Management Camp in the 4th semester of the MCiT Bachelor for the first time. New members in the DiBSE team are: Michael Steiner for the Mathematics for Software Engineering module in the 2nd semester as well as Martin Rainer, who takes over the IT Strategy module in the 4th semester of our online studies. Have fun in class!

MCiT & DiBSE insights

Our freshmen

67 freshmen are taking up the challenge of DiBSE studies over the next three years. The start of the online study adventure took place on a beautiful day on the first weekend in September at the MCI campus. In keeping with the motto "To a new phase in life", the start of studies for 67 MCiT Bachelor students followed on October 3. On October 5, the MCiT Master's cohort year 22 started their studies. They are the first to study in our new curriculum, which focuses on Digital Entrepreneurship.

Semester Abroad & Partner Universities

Every year, the allocation of spots to study abroad is very exciting. At the end of January, the time had come for our Bachelor students: 35 MCiT Bachelor students will be going abroad in the coming winter semester, as well as one DiBSE student. Four Master students will take up the challenge of a Dual Degree Program with our sister university, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, starting this summer. Ten more will spend the next winter semester at one of our many partner universities. For the first time, the new Master's destinations also include the Politecnico di Milano and the Rotterdam School of Management, with which we recently signed an agreement.

Events & celebrations

MCiT & DiBSE Graduation Ceremony

GAUDEAMUS IGITUR: At the festive ceremony in the Dogana at the Congress Innsbruck last November, our new graduates received the academic titles Bachelor or Master of Arts in Business or Bachelor of Science in Engineering. We wish our alumni all the best and much success for the future!

Scholarship of Excellence

Every year, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research allocates funds for “Scholarships of Excellence” for students and alumni of the MCI. This year, 13 MCiT Bachelor's, 8 MCiT Master's and 11 DiBSE students were awarded. On this occasion, we invited the award winners to a delicious breakfast. Congratulations!

Research Unit Digital Transformation


Inclusion by means of Smart Glasses

We would like to congratulate our colleague Magdalena Posch for the Eduard Wallnöfer Award. Her research project "Smart Inclusion" in cooperation with Lebenshilfe Tirol convinced the jury.

DFK Award for DiBSE Student Tobias Müller

Tobias Müller is interested in artificial intelligence and deep learning for image processing. He would like to invest the DFK award in his start-up, which is working on the development of a fully electric off-road motorcycle. Congratulations!

New publications

Our Research Unit Digital Transformation has achieved notable successes in recent months. Faculty and project staff, often together with alumni and students, published a number of papers, participated in conferences and held workshops. Here is an overview of the second half year 2022:


Kilian, Mirski: Quick Guide Sales Enablement: Wie Sie durch die Integration aller kundenbezogenen Aktivitäten die beste Sales Performance erzielen

Journal Article:

Machine Learning: Baumhauer, Schöttle, Zeppelzauer: Machine Unlearning: Linear Filtration for Logit-based Classifiers

Multimodal Technologies and Interactions Journal: Brinkschulte, Schlögl, Monz, Schöttle, Janetschek: Perspectives on Socially Intelligent Conversational Agents

Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research: Khazanchi, Bernsteiner, Dilger, Groth, Mirski, Ploder, Schlögl, Spieß: Strategies and Best Practices for Effective eLearning: Lessons from Theory and Experience

ACM Transactions on Internet of Things: Moedt, Bernsteiner, Hall, Fruhling: Enhancing IoT Project Success through Agile Best Practices

Conference Papers & Talks

SAP AAC 2022: Pusch, Edenstrasser, Dilger, Bernsteiner, Ploder: How to Ensure The process of an M&A based ERP integration of SMEs

SAP AAC 2022 Talk: Rahm, Bernsteiner, Ploder: An Online Simulation Game to Improve Operational Excellence

SAP AAC 2022 Workshops: Mirski: Design Thinking; Kilian: Project Management

ICL 2022: Bernsteiner, Probst, Pachatz, Ploder, Dilger: Internet of Things in Engineering Education in Austrian Higher Vocational Education

HHBIC2022 Talk: Bernsteiner, Dilger, Groth, Janetschek, Ploder, Schlögl, Schöttle, Spieß, Mirski: From Virtual Education to the EDUverse: Relevant Questions for Highly Immersive, Multimodal, Virtual Learning Spaces

HHBIC2022 Talk: Khazanchi, Bernsteiner, Ploder, Schlögl, Spieß, Dilger, Groth, Mirski: Ten Strategies and Best Practices for Effective eLearning: Lessons from Theory and Experience

ICERI 2022: Bernsteiner, Schlögl, Ploder, Dilger, Brecher: Citizen vs. Professional Developers: Differences and Similarities of Skills and Training Requirements for Low Code Development Platforms

ICERI 2022: Eberl, Schlögl, Spieß: Voluntary Quizzes as a Means to Support Self-directed Learning and Exam Preparation

KMIS 2022: Rottensteiner, Ploder: Identifying and assessing Knowledge Gaps in ISO 9001 certified SMEs using a Knowledge Audit Framework

IEEE ICHMS 2022: Casadei, Schlögl, Bergmann: Chatbots for Robotic Process Automation: Investigating Perceived Trust and User Satisfaction

EBEEC 2022: Dilger, Spieß, Bernardi, Ploder, Bernsteiner: Cash in the trash? An Austrian perspective on mobile payment adoption

EBEEC 2022: Amore, Dilger, Mezzenzana, Ploder, Bernsteiner: Leverage the COBIT 2019 design toolkit in a SME context: A multiple case study

These successes confirm the expertise and commitment of our research unit. Congratulations to our research team!