November 29th 2018

MCiT students in Brussels

Study Tour under the banner of BREXIT and Digital Taxes

Brexit, digital taxes, data protection, cybersecurity and upload filters were the main topics of discussion on the MCiT Study Tour "Legal Aspects in Innovation Management - Brussels 2018", which took place for the third time in a row this year and was very well received.

In a total of 72 hours, from 27th to 29th November, 18 our MCiT master students discussed Europe's opportunities and challenges in digital business with EU parliamentarians Othmar Karas, Karoline Graswander-Hainz and Josef Weidenholzer, as well as with representatives of the Austrian Embassy to the European Union, the renowned law firm DLA Piper and the association Digital Europe.

MCiT student and ÖH-chairwoman Magdalena Posch, BA MA (MCI): "We have received numerous answers and at the same time many new questions have been coming up. In any case, we will take home many ideas as to how Europe can be transformed in terms of digitalization"

The aim of the excursion to Brussels is to provide students with different perspectives and viewpoints on key legal issues in the field of digitisation.

"Through direct discussions with important decision-makers in the European legislative process, our MCiT students can form their own opinions and synergistically combine theory and practice," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Peter Mirski, head of the department.

The event was organized by the "Management, Communication & IT" and "Digital Business & Software Engineering" departments in cooperation with MCI lectors Dr. Marcus Hofer and Dr. Dierk Schindler.        

MCiT Studenten in the middle of the European Parliament

Caption: MEP Othmar Karas (centre), head of the EU-Russia delegation, welcomes the MCiT students and the MCI lecturers Marcus Hofer (2nd from right) and Emanuel Aichner (1st from left) to the Brussels EU Parliament.

Fotocredit: European Parliament

We would like to thank the South Tyrol Department, European Region and External Relations as well as the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government, for their kind support of our MCiT students.