May 30th 2019

Interested in a Bachelor or Master Thesis in the Field of Artificial Intelligence?

“Think big, work disruptive, embrace AI”

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Deciding the right topic for a bachelor or master thesis is always a difficult choice for students. Not only does the thesis need to be of personal interest to make the research exciting, but it also marks which future career path one might take. For many students, the thesis is the first step into specializing in a specific topic of the study program. But how can you decide which is the right one without having some expert knowledge on the topic itself to really know what it is like?

If you are interested in the field of artificial intelligence and the new way of working “Human + Machine”, this year’s MCiT Forum is perfect for you. Featuring a variety of speakers from companies, alumni speakers and master student speakers, you will not only gain expert insights into current practices but also get to know possible topic areas for your thesis. This especially applies to the master student speakers as they will be presenting the thesis they are currently working on.

  • “The Gray Space in the Morality of Automated AI” by Nikola Bergmann
  • “What impact will big data have on knowledge work in the near future?” by Robert Singer
  • “Identifying applicable digital transformation strategies for alpine tourism” by Marvin Hopfner
  • “Job-Recommendation system in the environment of” by Tobias Riepl

However, the rest of the speakers will be just as interesting for you as you will learn about the challenges and uncertainties persisting in the industry that might just turn into the topic of your thesis. Then at the end of the conference, a panel discussion will be held that is the perfect opportunity for you to have an expert in the field answering your questions.

Time to get inspired! If this year’s agenda has piqued your interest, please make sure to register for this year’s MCiT Forum on the 19th of June. We look forward to seeing you there!


Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Management, Communication & IT
Prof. Dr. Peter J. Mirski Head of Department & Studies