August 18th 2023

Science communication of the first half of '23

News from our Research Unit Digital Transformation

This blogpost provides an overview of published books, journal articles, conference papers & talks of the MCI Research Unit Digital Transformation in first half year 2023.
Our lecturers (from left to right: Stephan Schlögl, Thomas Dilger, Reinhard Bernsteiner, Christian Ploder) are pleased about the successful publications of the past months. Their research interests include: Human-Centered Computing, Information Systems & Smart Technologies, Operational Excellence. © MCiT Department

The Digital Transformation research unit complements our Management, Communication & IT, and Digital Business & Software Engineering degree programs in the fields of applied research and development of practice-relevant solutions for digitization and their comprehensive integration into practice. This blog post provides an overview of published books, journal articles, conference papers and talks of the first half of 2023. Together with our faculty as well as individual students and alumni, we are happy to announce remarkable publication successes in the last months. A special congratulations goes to our Management, Communication & IT graduate Anna Stock, whose bachelor's thesis was awarded with a BestPaperAward at this year's HCI International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.


Springer; Sales Enablement: Tools and Techniques for Modern Sales Organization (Business Guides on the Go) (Kilian, Mirski, Lorenz)

Conference Papers & Talks


  • D-DIALOGUES; The Value of a Skills-Based Approach for Education and Employability (Mirski)
  • AV-Comparatives Award Ceremony & Security Conference; The Future of IoT – Use cases, Testing and a Secret (Schöttle)
  • FFH; Data Storytelling – Erkenntnisse aus der Praxis (Schlögl)
  • EBEEC; Challenging the Agilefall budgeting-trap: Applying the continuous planning and forecasting framework (Dilger)
  • EBEEC; Awareness of unethical artificial intelligence and its mitigation measures (Dilger)
  • EBEEC; An organization's strategic orientation attitude towards enterprise risk management and the impact on firm performance (Ploder)

Journal Article

Congratulations to our esteemed faculty, exceptional students and successful graduates on their remarkable publications.