September 27th 2023

Bangalore: The Silicon Valley of India

An extraordinary semester abroad for two Management, Communication & IT students

Why did our two master's students of Management, Communication & IT decide to spend a semester abroad at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore? Find out in the following interview, in which Viktoria Weinberger and Beatrix Doreen Escherich share their decision.


That's why we chose India:

Namaste! Everyone knows this expression and we wanted to get to know it up close. That's why we chose India for our semester abroad. We expected an extremely fascinating place and that's exactly what we found.

Life here is colorful, lively, a bit chaotic, full of people, and simply very different from what we are used to. A culture with 1.4 billion people living in a caste system and yet having developed so rapidly into an economic power is really exciting to witness. And what better place to spend a semester abroad as a Management, Communication & IT than in Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India?

Our biggest challenge  so far:

The chaotic left-hand traffic, crossing streets in the city without getting run over.

Our semester abroad in three words:

- Cows

- Curry

- Culture shock


The two of them will probably talk about this wonderful experience for a long time to come and will always be reminded of their Management, Communication & IT master's studies.

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