November 05th 2020

We know your struggles – Part 2

Combining work and study successfully - tips from Julia Waldegger

I am familiar with combining working and studying not only from the perspective of the Department Business Administration Online, but also as a student. Besides my work as a research assistant at BAO, I am currently working on a doctoral and master's degree at the University of Innsbruck. Therefore, I can understand the challenges of a part-time study program very well!

Based on my experience, I have three tips for part-time students:


Tip 1: Get organized and plan ahead!

A good organization is essential for a successful part-time study program. For more stressful phases in my studies, I plan more learning time in advance and start early enough. I avoid being unprepared for deadlines and then having to work the whole night through to barely pass my course. That is too frustrating and stressful for me. I recommend keeping deadlines in mind and starting early enough on your assignments or studying for exams.


Tip 2: Make the most out of it!

I admit: Sometimes the couch sounds more tempting than the lecture hall... Nevertheless, I try to take make the most out of my lectures. This includes not only the active (!) attendance of the lecture, but also the preparation and follow-up. In order to get the most out of my courses, I almost always do the preparatory work (in my case, I usually read texts or court decisions). During the course, I take notes in my digital notebook and make a drawing every now and then. After the lecture, I take some time to think about questions of specialization or links to other courses or my job. I also write a short summary of the most important points of the lecture. At first glance, this seems to be a very time-consuming procedure, but it saves me a lot of time during exam preparation because I have already repeated the most important contents.


Tip 3: Enjoy your free time!

Completing a part-time course of study is not a sprint, but a marathon. So, it is important to enjoy your free time! Work and study can take up a lot of time, but you should always plan phases for relaxation. A day with family or friends in the fresh air or an afternoon on the couch with an exciting book are important as a balance to be permanently motivated for your studies. With a good organization (see tip 1!) you can also enjoy your free time.