January 04th 2023

BAO research project "Shaping Career Planning" receives TWF funding

MCI researchers investigate factors that influence and impede individual career planning

Four researchers from the MCI department of Business Administration Online are working on the research project "SHAPING CAREER PLANNING - Employee-Centered Activation and Mobilization for Development" to investigate factors that influence and impede individual career planning. This research project received TWF funding in December 2022.

Many employees have the potential for personal development, for example. Despite ample institutional and financial resources, some individuals are limited by internal capacities, such as lack of self-confidence or societal stereotypes. In interviews, Antje Bierwisch, Yevgen Bogodistov and Martin Dinter under the project management of Moritz Mosenhauer, explore core aspects of career planning in an exploratory manner. In a survey with video messages, they further test whether role models can have an influence on attitudes regarding career goals.

With this project, the BAO team is pursuing the following goals:

  • Counteract shortages of skilled workers at the regional and national level.
  • Continuing education of individuals to increase household incomes.
  • Acquire future-relevant competencies in the workforce of Austrian companies in order to successfully master technological and social change
  • Discussing critical barriers in career planning.
  • Academic contribution to the effectiveness of role models.
  • Proof-of-concept of a measure for employee support: resource-saving, implementable, broadly applicable, and scalable.