June 14th 2022

The Office, Part 3: Our academic all-rounder

In the blog series "The Office: Behind the Scenes of your Med-Tech Department", we introduce you to the team behind the Medical & Health Technologies Department, which is responsible for the organisation and design of your daily study routine.

Since November 2021, we are proud to have Manuel Berger as a member of our MedTech team. Manuel Berger is a research assistant who also does a lot of teaching. Due to his wide-ranging activities in teaching and research, he is our MedTech all-rounder.

Position within the company: Research assistant, etc.

Area of responsibility: Flow simulations, flow measurement technology, medical imaging (CT, MRT)

Education/Career: Manuel has known the MCI for quite a while. After completing his Bachelor's and Master's degree in mechatronics, he worked in various positions at the MCI. Manuel finished his PhD in "Image-guided diagnosis and therapy" in 2021. We were happy to welcome him to our team at the end of 2021. He is working as a research assistant and as a lecturer for various courses.

At MCI since: 2013. Since November 2021, he has been a part of the MedTech team.

Favourite task/area: On the one hand, research on topics such as simulations, measurement technology, artificial intelligence and optimisation and as well as the publication of contributions in scientific journals and conferences. In teaching, he appreciates the collaboration with motivated students in courses and laboratories.

How the team describes Manuel: Manuel is an enrichment for our team. He is attentive, reliable and helps wherever he can. We are happy to have Manuel as a member of our MedTech team and look forward to working with him in the future.

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Manuel Berger in in his element: research. ©MCI: Geisler