September 21st 2022

The Office, Part 5: The organizational talents

In the blog series "The Office: Behind the Scenes of your Med-Tech Department", we introduce you to the team behind the Medical & Health Technologies Department, which is responsible for the organization and design of your daily study routine.

Who takes care of course planning, manages the behind-the-scenes operations and is responsible for all events, policies and general procedures of the degree program? The department's administrative assistants: Theresa Steixner and Madlen Singer.

We give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the MedTech Department and introduce you to its organizational talents:


Theresa Steixner:

Area of responsibility: Assistant to the Head of the Department, responsible for cooperation with partner universities for our degree programs, personnel procedures within the team, process and project-related tasks, and, starting in October, lecturer for the course "Project Management".

Education/Career: Theresa graduated with a Bachelor's degree here at MCI and then worked at Innsbruck Airport in marketing and communications.

At MCI since: August 2020

Favourite task/area: My job includes various tasks, so I can't really pick a favorite. That is what makes my job so fascinating. However, I am also happy to organize activities for the MedTech team outside of work.

Madlen Singer: 

Area of responsibility: Assistant to the Head of the Department, responsible for strategic planning and organization of the Bachelor's degree programs in Medical, Health and Sports Engineering and Mechatronics Medical Technology. Marketing representative as well as process and project manager in the MedTech department. Madlen also supports the team with research applications.

Education/Career: Madlen graduated in business administration here at the MCI and has more than eight years of professional experience in various industries in the areas of assistance and process and project management.

At MCI since: April 2021.

Favourite task/area: My job includes many exciting and diverse activities, and I enjoy them all. But, the best part for me is working on strategic and research-related projects.


How the team describes Theresa & Madlen:

Together, Theresa and Madlen are the heart and center of the department and are the ones who always know everything about anything. Further, they ensure that the studies programs run smoothly. Theresa & Madlen impress not only with their professional expertise but also with their interpersonal skills, and they are always in for a coffee or an after-work drink.

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Assistant & Project Management: Theresa Steixner and Madlen Singer. © MCI/Geisler