October 03rd 2022

TOP rating for MCI MOOC "Smart Decisions"

"Smart decisions make you really happy": MCI MOOC top-rated course on iMooX

Smart decisions make people really happy! Within the first nine months, 650 satisfied participants have already learned how to actively make them in our MCI MOOC "Smart Decisions" by Prof. Johannes Siebert. The MOOC is the best-rated course among over 100 courses on the iMooX platform and has a rating of 4.98 out of 5.00 stars.

The core of the free MOOC consists of 8 interactive videos with a total length of just over 2.5 hours. In addition, more in-depth teaching materials, reflection exercises and quizzes are provided. Participants are also encouraged to work on their own running example(s).

Prof. Siebert explains why many people make bad decisions and how they can avoid that. He presents some simple but effective methods based on recent developments in behavioral economics and decision sciences. The participants learn to make reflective and conscious decisions. Therefore, Prof. Siebert enables the participants to become their own so-called decision architects. A short summary of this concept can be found in the TEDxTalk „Nudge yourself to make better decisions“ by Prof. Siebert.

The methods presented are basically suitable for almost all decisions. Since career decisions are highly relevant not only for students, Prof. Siebert explains the methods consistently on career decisions. In particular, he focuses on the choice of jobs after graduation.

The advantages of a MOOC are particularly evident in self-directed learning. Learners can plan, design and evaluate their learning process independently. This is a key competence that is indispensable for lifelong, successful learning. Teachers can also actively promote self-directed learning in the classroom by working with authentic and realistic problems or projects, for example. Instead of directly teaching the theoretical and practical principles, they let the students work independently. This also motivates them to take on new and complex challenges.

So, what do students say about this form of learning? What do they particularly like about it? Here are a few reviews from our MCI MOOC.

"The explanations in the videos were easy to understand and could immediately be applied. The flexibility of location and time of online courses is the biggest advantage of a course like that."

"Content well structured, good mix of learning and applying, understandably formulated and comprehensible."

"The clear, entertaining food for thought and the tasks for reflection on this, based on own objectives."

"The great revision through the breaks/interruptions in the videos as well as the incorporated questions – pretty cool!"

If you are interested, you can sign up for the free MOOC here.

Why should you address your ability to make good decisions? Those who make good decisions are subsequently more satisfied with their lives. In addition, a research team led by Prof. Siebert was able to empirically prove that good, proactive decision-making can be increased through decision-making training such as lectures or a MOOC. More information on this can be found here. Taken together, research indicates that students in courses taught by Prof. Siebert at the Entrepreneurial School® not only learn to make more proactive decisions, but as a result, are more satisfied with their lives.

We invite you to make use of the fascinating proactive decision-making in our attractive study programs (BA Wirtschaft & Management for Professionals, BA Business & Management, and MA International Business & Management) to accelerate your personal and academic development as well as your professional career.


Prof. Dr. habil. Johannes Siebert
Decision Sciences & Behavioral Economics
MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

E-Mail: Johannes.Siebert@mci.edu