October 02nd 2023

MCI's expedition to China

Fostering academic collaborations and cultural diplomacy

In a testament to the MCI's unwavering commitment to global engagement, a delegation, under the leadership of our esteemed rector Andreas Altmann and organized by the accomplished Professor Wei Manske-Wang, Head of our China Center at MCI, embarked on a transformative journey to Shenzhen, China. This adventure symbolizes MCI's commitment to forming international partnerships and nurturing cultural understanding. Stefan Platzer, bachelor's student of Business & Management, was part of the China trip and reports on his experiences:

Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU): A Place of Learning and Innovation

Our main destination was Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU). Even though it's a relatively new university, established in 2017, it already has 12,000 students. SZTU is known for practical education adopting the European concept of a university of applied sciences (FH) and is one of China's best in this regard. During our visit, professors from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, like Professor Claudia Brauer, Professor Maria Wallnöfer, Professor Anita Zehrer, Professor Daniel Sieber and Professor Martin Pillei from different MCI departments, held various lectures for SZTU students. This was part of SZTU's "international week" designed to broaden their horizons and learn about different cultures. The warm and welcoming reception from SZTU's staff and students left a lasting impression.

Meeting SZTU students was a highlight. They were genuinely interested in our part of the world, known as the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). We talked about our cultures and formed meaningful friendships. SZTU's campus itself is amazing. It was constructed at a remarkable pace, taking just 1,034 days to complete. The highlight of our cultural exchange was the "Bavarian Night" celebration held on campus, featuring live performances, authentic German cuisine, and locally brewed beer. It was heartwarming to see SZTU students take a keen interest in our culture.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom: Shenzhen Adventures

One of the highlights was our visit to BYD, a pioneering Chinese company in electric vehicles (EVs), selling more cars than Tesla. At BYD, we witnessed cutting-edge EV technology in action, from electric cars to buses and monorails. What left a lasting impression was BYD's strong commitment to sustainability, seen in their advanced battery technology and dedication to reducing carbon emissions. Our interaction with BYD's passionate team underscored the importance of innovation in creating a greener future, a lesson we'll carry forward in our global ventures.

Connecting with Old and New Friends Worldwide

Thanks to the incredible network of Professor Wei Manske-Wang and Professor Andreas Altmann, we had the chance to reunite with old friends. We met Deputy Secretary Zhou Jiangtao of the Futian District Committee and Charles, the CEO of Gensol, both of whom had previously visited MCI and Innsbruck. Additionally, we visited Tencent, a prominent Tech-company famous for the super app WeChat and had the honor of meeting the Chairwoman Xinzhu Zhao of the Zhongyi Group. These encounters were all about building connections and sharing ideas.

Our China adventure was a harmonious blend of education and friendship. It showcased the incredible possibilities that arise when people from different corners of the world come together to learn and grow. In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Wei Manske-Wang, the driving force at MCI in building cultural bridges between our institution in Austria and our partners in China. Her dedication and tireless efforts have made this remarkable journey possible. I also want to express my sincere appreciation to Rector Andreas Altmann for his unwavering support, our MCI professors who exemplify the high-quality teaching standards of our institution across the globe, and all those who played a role in making this enlightening expedition a reality. Together, we are shaping a brighter, more interconnected future through education and understanding. Thank you!

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz.  Michael Razen, PhD | Head of Department & Studies Bachelor's program Business & Management
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