August 19th 2019

Business Administration Online starts with a new curriculum in autumn 2019

What is new at BA Online?


Just in time for the fifth birthday of Business Administration Online we have revised the curriculum. "Among other things, we responded to students' requests for the option to choose between electives and we modernized the content of the curriculum," says Prof. Maria Rabl, head of the Business Administration Online department. The new curriculum will start in autumn 2019. The years 2018 and 2017 will complete their studies in the old curriculum.


What is new as of autumn 2019? We have summarized the most important changes for you:

  • Possibility of individual and flexible design of your learning biography through electives: In the fifth semester, students can choose between two electives:
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: The focus here is on processes of innovation management and product development as well as strategic management.
    • Digital Workplace Learning: In this elective, students focus on personnel development and the opportunities that digitalization offers for knowledge management and learning in companies.
    • In the sixth semester, we offer another elective course, where students can specialize in a completely individual subject area by selecting a course from selected MOOC providers, other MCI courses or courses at other universities.
  • Focus on responsible management: The increasing scarcity of resources, environmental pollution and other current crises demonstrate the importance of responsible action in an economic context. These topics will be integrated into our courses in order to promote the (further) development of students' understanding of ethical business practices.
  • Promotion of networked thinking and problem-solving competences: The integrative examination in the fourth semester is based on practice-oriented case studies and covers the contents of the first three semesters.
  • Preparation for the complex (business) world: Courses such as "Decision Theories and Decision-Making" or "Intercultural Competence & Diversity Training" are designed to prepare our students for the demands of the complex business world.


You can find all information concerning the new curriculum on