September 06th 2019

Welcome to the team!

We welcome 128 new students in our study programs


Last week, the introductory days for the new students of the Bachelor programs Betriebswirtschaft Online and Business Administration Online and the Master program Corporate Governance & Finance Online took place. Our online study programs always begin with an on-campus session in Innsbruck, where the students get to know their colleagues, the lecturers and the MCI before the start of the online phases.


Who are our new students? Here are a few facts & figures:

  • 54 students in Betriebswirtschaft Online, 43 students in Business Administration Online, 29 students in Corporate Governance & Finance Online.
  • In addition, 11 students from the "Non-Profit, Social and Health Management" program will attend most courses in their first academic year with our students.
  • The gender ratio is (almost) balanced: 51.5% women, 48.5% men.
  • On average, our students are 28.5 years old.
  • 24 different nationalities are represented.
  • Currently, our students travel to Innsbruck from 8 different countries.


„Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens“. With this guiding principle Maria Rabl, head of studies, encourages the new students to take responsibility for their learning progress and engage actively in the upcoming years. We are looking forward to accompanying them on their way to a Bachelor's or Master's degree