March 04th 2020

Tips for the online application

What we always wanted to know about you...

In addition to the written entrance examination and the personal interview, your application documents also affect whether we can offer you a study place. In addition to your previous career path, you can convince us by outlining your motivation and your intended career. So take the chance to stand out from the other applicants in order to get a study place.


These tips will help you to write a convincing online application:


  1. When outlining your motivation, explain why you want to study at MCI in general and why you are applying for Business Administration Online. Show us that you have informed yourself about the MCI and the study program. What are you particularly interested in regarding the curriculum? Why is the blended learning mode with a mix of online and on-campus sessions at the MCI just right for you?
  2. We are particularly interested in your professional goals. How will this degree program help you achieve them? It is great if you already have concrete plans! Of course, it is also okay if you do not have any concrete plans yet. After all, you will get to know many exciting areas of business administration during your studies.
  3. Write the entire application including all documents in the language of study program you apply to. For an application for Business Administration Online, fill out the application in English.
  4. Write in whole sentences and pay attention to correct spelling and grammar. This will show us that you are making an effort with your application and will leave a positive impression.


We are looking forward to your application!

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