February 28th 2020

Bring-A-Friend Week – March 16-19, 2020 - Canceled!

Show your friends what it's like to study online


Do you know someone who is interested in studying Betriebswirtschaft Online, Business Administration Online or Corporate Governance & Finance Online? During the Bring-A-Friend Week from March 16-19 you can show your work colleague, your best friend, your cousin, your dog, and any other interested person how studying online works.

How does Bring-A-Friend Week work? Uncomplicated. You are going to sit in front of your computer with interested friends and participate in your MCI WEBINARS as usual. During this week we are even going to excuse short moments of distraction because you are probably busy explaining Adobe Connect, Sakai and Co ;)

Why are we doing this? Because we often hear from new students that YOU have recommended our study program. We also think that no one else is more qualified to explain what it’s like to study online than you.

What’s in it for you? Fame, glory, and a piece of cake. Post a photo of you and your friends while participating in a webinar on Facebook and link our Facebook page (@bwlonlinebymci). To thank you for the recommendation, we are going to invite you to our department for coffee and cake during the next on-campus session.