April 08th 2020

5 expert tips for quickly adapting to studying online

Honest and field-proven advice from our experienced online students

In our study programs Business Administration Online (Bachelor), Betriebswirtschaft Online (Bachelor) and Corporate Governance & Finance Online (Master), students are used to studying online. They intentionally chose a study program that entails participating in online lectures via conferencing tools, submitting assignments via the online learning management system, and communicating with colleagues, lecturers, and the department via digital tools.

Due to the current situation, many other students and lecturers alike were pushed to move their classrooms online. To help students who are new to these online modes of studying, our online Bachelor students compiled a list of very honest and field-proven tips and tricks on how to make the best out of studying online. A big thank you to all our students for sharing their expertise. 


5 tips for participating in MCI WEBINARS 

  • Have a defined workspace. Have a quiet place to join MCI WEBINARS as this makes focusing easier.
  • Try to avoid private conversations during your MCI WEBINARS or working hours. Also, try to avoid all other things that might distract you (no smartphone or social media/news checking). This will work best if your study/working spot is in a quiet room with a door that can be closed as well. 
  • Participate actively and join the conversations in the MCI WEBINARS. This helps you to focus on the topics.
  • Take notes and write down keywords during MCI WEBINARS. Stick to your usual note-taking system to have some form of consistency.
  • Get up during breaks and go away from your computer to drink water or do an exercise.


10 tips for organizing your online studies and managing time

  • Create a daily agenda and set realistic goals for every day. If you have kids, forget the idea that you can be equally productive as in your office.
  • Get ready in the morning. Stick to your usual daily routine, despite home office or online studies. Get dressed like you would leave the house and get rid of your PJs. This will make you work more efficiently and you'll be able to concentrate better.
  • Create rituals, e.g. listen to the same music while studying (for example, concentration music on YouTube).
  • Take enough breaks, it is exhausting to look at the screen all day. Also, look outside once in a while so your eyes can get some rest.
  • Sitting in front of a screen for several hours will also impact your health. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water, stretch in between and move around, but also to have a good spot for your studies or work, taking ergonomics into consideration. 
  • Separate the space you work in and the area to chill in. When you take a break, go away from the desk and allow yourself to move your thoughts somewhere else.
  • Write a to-do list. It's simple but also motivating when you can tick off tasks on your agenda.
  • Make use of time management methods like the Pomodoro technique.
  • Plan for the unplanned. Start early enough and finish tasks beforehand, so that in case of unpredictable circumstances, you are able to hand in assignments in time.
  • Mix digital and analogue learning strategies. Sometimes, you should print out the texts or even write summaries with pen and paper. This can help a lot to remember things better.