August 13th 2020

Carbon Literacy Training @ MCI

Become Carbon Literate!

Why is carbon literacy important?

Even though topics such as the global pandemic are currently more prominent in the media coverage, the climate crisis still represents a central challenge. For the first time, the World Economic Forum lists climate-related risks as the five most likely risks in 2020. The most likely risk is climate action failure!

One of the key tasks of educational institutions to combat their risks is to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make responsible decisions and advocate for climate protection in the future. A major component of climate protection focuses on reducing carbon emissions to prevent global warming.

The UN PRME working group on climate change and environment offers Carbon Literacy Trainings led by Professor Petra Molthan-Hill. The Carbon Literacy Training consists of two parts: the first part outlines the challenges and effects of climate change on our planet whereas the second part focuses on concrete solutions to the problem on an individual and a collective level.

What will I learn in the Carbon Literacy Training?

In addition to the professional expertise of Professor Molthan-Hill, the exchange with the other participants is particularly exciting. Together, participants work on a roadmap for a positive future or have to deal with a future in which climate action fails.

In addition, you will reflect on your own carbon footprint and on ways how to minimize it. My personal learning experience relates to carbon emissions of the food I consume. I have already drastically reduced my meat consumption, but now I will critically evaluate my eating habits. A vegetarian or vegan diet does not automatically result in diet with a low carbon emission! Another surprising aspect for me was the carbon emission of office communication. Besides individual activities, we also worked on an action plan for groups. From a lecturers’ perspective, this can range from integrating carbon literacy into teaching or improving the carbon footprint of the institution. Students might focus on creating awareness among their fellow students (and lecturers!).

After the successful completion of the four sessions, all participants will be certified as Carbon Literate.


In a cooperation between MCI and the Scientists4Future Network, the Carbon Literacy Training with Professor Petra Molthan-Hill will be offered in September in a series of four online workshops. The workshop is open to employees and students of Innsbruck Universities who are part of the S4F Network and will take place in English.

The exact dates are: 08.09.2020, 15.09.2020, 22.09.2020, 29.09.2020 from 11:00 - 13:00

Registration for the workshop is possible at The places are limited, so write us an e-mail and improve your carbon literacy!