September 08th 2020

Digital craftsmanship

Developing a digitization strategy for Riedle Installationen GmbH

In the last few months, a team from the Department of Business Administration Online led by Maria Rabl and a project team from Riedle Installationen GmbH developed a digitization strategy for the Tyrolean plumbing company. In addition, the MCI team supported the company in the subsequent change process.

Riedle Installationen GmbH is a family business that is successfully managed by the fourth generation and has about 40 employees in three locations in Tyrol. They offer solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and sanitary engineering. Managing director Ulrike Riedle used the necessity of introducing a new software solution in the company to initiate a comprehensive digitization project: "We have already successfully completed several smaller digitization projects before, such as the development of a digital training system for our apprentices. In 2019, we have launched the "Riedle 2020" project together with the MCI to explore the opportunities and potentials of digitization even more comprehensively. This project is not simply about introducing a new software solution, but about developing an overall concept to make the company fit for the future," says Ulrike Riedle.

From the very beginning, the involvement of the employees, both by the company management and the MCI, was an important aspect. In the first phase of the project, the MCI project team conducted interviews with the workforce to identify areas of action. Then, in a creativity workshop with Riedle, the participants identified potentials of digitization for the company and collected ideas for optimizing business processes. "Based on those results, we defined concrete steps for action and then supported the various project teams individually in the implementation if required," describes Maria Rabl the second project phase. She continues: "I was particularly impressed by the openness and creativity, Riedle's employees approached the project. During the project we realized that for the employees the company is more than just an employer: they are proud to work in a modern company".

During an information event for Riedle employees at the beginning of August, the MCI project team concluded the project. Within the company itself, the management and the employees will of course continue on the implementation of "Riedle 2020". For example, a project team is developing strategies for the use of new digital tools on construction sites.