September 22nd 2020

Online Learning Tool Review: Kialo

Discussing online to establish important competences

Expressing opinions in a professional way is a competence that each one of us should possess. This time we want to present you an online tool, which helps to develop this competence.

Kialo is a free platform on which either you can debate or use the ongoing discussions for analyses. The tool is easy to use and hence very self-explaining. It orders comments on a specific topic in pros and cons. For each topic, major pros and cons are defined followed by sub-pros and sub-cons. Thus, discussions are automatically structured in a hierarchical way, which makes it much easier to join an already ongoing discussion.

So, what are your advantages of using Kialo? Here some of them at a glance:


  • Encouragement of critical thinking
  • Encouragement of creative thinking
  • Understanding different points of view
  • Expressing opinions in the right way
  • Enabling collaborative decision-making
  • Basis for qualitative research on a specific topic
  • Starting a structured discussion during a presentation


If you are interested in actively taking part in discussions, you can simply log in to the platform with your Google account. You can then immediately comment on specific topics.

If you prefer to use this tool during a lecture or a presentation then you find sufficient information material directly on the website.