October 01st 2020

BAO Insights: Greetings from Sweden

Our student Lisa Scherer is currently spending her semester abroad in Västerås, Sweden

A semester abroad is exciting and thrilling. You will never forget the experiences you make during this time. Lisa Scherer has therefore consciously chosen this experience and is spending her current winter semester in Sweden. In a short e-mail she told us how her first month in Västerås was and if she recommends a semester abroad to our students:

"Since the end of August I am now in Västerås (Sweden) to spend my semester abroad at Mälardalen University. Of course, this year is different due to the current COVID-19 situation, but my Erasmus colleagues and I are making the best out of this time.

Most of the courses in Sweden are very interactive, so I spend a lot of time with my Swedish and international fellow students at the university. We work here on our group tasks and prepare ourselves for discussions that take place in the seminars. In this regard, I especially enjoy the conversations in English with other students. 

Currently, I am already spending some time after the lectures in the university library to study for my first written exam in the course "Strategic Management", which will take place next week.

After only one month, I can already say that I do not regret my decision to spend a semester abroad at all and I enjoy my student life here to the fullest!”

We wish Lisa Scherer a great time in Sweden and look forward to hearing more of her impressions.