November 24th 2020

Digital learning in an organizational environment

3 Insights from the conference "Digital Learning”

An online conference on "Digital Learning" was held at the MCI on November 12, 20. Besides interesting speakers from the companies Udemy and, also our head of studies, Maria Pammer, spoke about the topic "Virtual Teams and Collaborative Learning". We would like to share with you our three most important take-aways from this exciting conference:

Informal learning

Informal learning does not happen completely detached, but must have a framework. This framework is mostly given unnoticed in everyday work, e.g. with the coffee kitchen. In the digital environment these possibilities disappear quite fast and then have to be created again, which (counterintuitive) again seems quite formal. Those who use informal learning, even in the digital world, must therefore substitute the basic conditions of the workplace. In the In the best case, set a good example, for example by sharing your own learning.


Design of self-paced courses

The design of a self-paced course requires an even greater concentration on authentic content and engaging or winning approaches, also with the help of different media. The more the mediated can be used directly, the better. 


Most searched training topics 

The two professional training topics with the highest number of requests (at Udemy) are Self Mastery and Collaboration/Communication/Leadership which are extremely variable areas of competence. Only then are more concrete topics such as automation, cloud computing or Cyber Security listed in the searching list. This shows, in our opinion, quite well how much the digital transformation has changed the requirements of the working world and thus also the requirements of (professional/company) learning and which topics employees are concerned with. 

There is another point that has emerged in this context: The future of lifelong learning, also in relation to learning in the digital world, lies in the freedom of the learner. He has not only the possibility to choose its own learning path, but even to create it itself.