January 05th 2021

A sneak peek into our bachelor program

Our alumni tell about their impressions and experiences

We asked our alumni some questions about our bachelor's program. You can read more about their time and experiences in the upcoming paragraphs.

How would you describe your time at MCI in 3 words? 

Lisa Schwarz: "My time at MCI was: challenging, varied and enriching."

Nadine Singer: "Instructive, innovative and varied".

Who would you recommend our study program to?

Patrick Saller: "The study program is particularly suitable for working people who have to travel for work from time to time and are therefore not always on site. Despite of "distance learning" you have a regulated and structured course of study and also contact with fellow students during the attendance phases."

Philipp Jenewein: "Actually, the whole team of BWLO has to be recommended, because everyone was always very eager to support us and to convey knowledge well and understandable. For my part, I had a very good and close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Kittler, who supervised my bachelor thesis."

What was the most difficult moment for you during your studies and how did you overcome it?

Philipp Jenewein: "The hardest time for me was right at the beginning. My son was 2 years old and my wife had just given birth to our 2nd son. The world of UAS was completely new to me and tasks like writing reflections or working scientifically challenged me a bit in the beginning. With time I was able to  You learn what points matter and what is required. It is important, especially at the beginning, to fully engage in it and to "kneel down" into the subject matter. Once you have overcome the first "hurdle", the rest runs by itself (as long as you stay on the point). It is important to have a clear and fixed time schedule and, above all, to know that your partner or family has your back. Ultimately, I am convinced that - at least if you have a family - you can't do it without their support and that high performance can only be achieved if you have this "back-up"."

Patrick Saller: "In my opinion, there was no such thing as the most difficult moment during my studies. There are always phases in which stressful phases of the job and of studying coincide and you don't know where to start. By taking a structured and step-by-step approach, I was able to get through these phases, even if it didn't always look easy at first."

What was the most beautiful moment during your time as a student?

Lisa Schwarz: "There were several amazing moments during my time as a student. I have fond memories of the exchange and exciting discussions with fellow students and lecturers. Especially the support among students and the contacts that grew out of it were unique for me and underlined - in addition to the technical content - the attendance days in Innsbruck. The moment when I successfully completed the oral Bachelor's examination will certainly remain unforgotten. And finally, the graduation ceremony and the award from WIFO - Institute for Economic Research of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce - for my Bachelor's thesis in the competition "Bachelor's and Master's theses on the South Tyrolean economy" were further highlights that successfully rounded off my time as a student."

Nadine Singer: "Unfortunately, I can't decide which moment was the most beautiful: whether it was the feeling after passing the final exam or the graduation. Both were unique moments of extraordinary happiness."

What did you like best about the blended learning concept? 

Madlen Singer: "That I was not tied to any place. I could log in from anywhere during the week and attend my lectures. Also, it was the only way for me to study at that time. I learned to organize myself in a new and better way with this blended learning system. In addition, despite all the distance learning benefits, I also had the attendance phases, which I was very happy about because in those I got to experience a slice of full-time student life at MCI, so to speak."

If you could relive one moment of your student days, what would it be?

Madlen Singer: "I think the graduation, this was one of the many wonderful moments that I enjoyed the most. The festive setting gave us the opportunity to enjoy what we had accomplished, to be proud of ourselves, and to properly celebrate our graduation."


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