January 20th 2021

BAO Insights: New lecturer at our department

Interview with Yevgen Bogodistov

In the new year 2021, we also welcomed a new lecturer to our team. Yevgen Bogodistov supports our department as Senior Lecturer for Project and Process Management. To get to know him better, we asked him a few questions.

What did you do before you started to work at MCI?

Before joining MCI, I conducted research at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). I also collected experience as a Chief Operating Officer, HR Director and Project Coordinator in Ukraine.

What are your research interests?

I am a passionate researcher. I conduct research on the interface between Information Systems (e.g., Process Management, Process Innovation, Payments), Strategic Management (e.g., Dynamic (Managerial) Capabilities, IT Capability, Managerial Decision-Making)), and Organisational Behaviour (e.g., Burnout, Emotions in Organisations, Relational Models).

For instance, in my most recent projects, I investigated

  • psychological distance and feelings of control associated with different means of payment,
  • influence of emotions on payment process design,
  • impact of fear and anger on managerial cognition, and
  • congruence of relationships in teams and their impact on teams’ IT capability.

Who is your role model in your field of research?

Many academics and non-academics formed me as a researcher, teacher, and supervisor. I would like to mention Professor Dr. Albrecht Söllner, from whom I learned patience and resilience in administrative tasks; Professor Dr. Jürgen Moormann, who showed how important is the knowledge transfer to students and practitioners; and Professor Dr. Daniel Beimborn, from whom I learned about the importance of an academic family, loyalty, and importance of internal cooperation within your university.

What is particularly important to you when working with students?

I have only one assumption with regard to my students: they all are talented people who have an intrinsic motivation to study and research. We, as academics, are responsible for letting them reveal their potential. I give my students a lot of freedom to select the path they want to go. I then try to support them on this path.

You just moved to Innsbruck a few weeks ago - would you like to share your highlight with us?

Austria (positively) surprised me in many aspects. Honestly, when I came here I expected the country to be very similar to Germany. No, it is not. It is very different with regard to culture, people, food, and even language. Previously I have never been to Innsbruck, Tyrol, and Austria (2 hours in the Vienna airport do not count, do they?), so I was not prepared to experience mountain ranges, hikes, perfect sunsets, rivers, skiing, snowboarding, etc. As you can imagine, beautiful landscapes and sports were very pleasant add-ons. But there is something I would like to share with you, what one usually takes for granted. Water! The tap water is here much tastier than in all cities I have ever lived in! Don’t forget to enjoy it next time you take a sip of water ;)

How would you describe the Business Administration Online department in 5 words?

Open-minded, happy, great, professional, helpful

Thank you for the interview and have a good start at MCI!