April 12th 2021

Online tool review: Slido

Collecting questions and opinions made easy

In this article, we would like to show the great features of the tool Slido for presentations. Slido brings some advantages for both the presenters and the audience. What they are and why we recommend Slido as a tool, can be read in the next paragraphs.

Collecting questions

Slido is the perfect tool to collect questions during a presentation. As a presenter, you have the advantage of presenting your content without interruption. Also for the audience, Slido has a great benefit: All arising questions can be posted immediately and you can continue to follow the presentation without forgetting the questions. 

At the end of the presentation, all questions can be shown to the audience (screen sharing). In this case, the viewers would also have the possibility to like individual questions. This way, the presenter can better assess which questions should be given more time before he/she starts the Q&A session. Slido thus helps to structure a question-answer session efficiently.

Making a poll

Besides the great advantage of collecting questions, Slido can also be used as an interactive tool within a presentation. So, for example, if you want to know what the audience thinks about a certain topic, you can easily start a poll, which can be created in advance.

Because of this possibility, you can create as many questions as you want. At the desired time, you just have to press play on the respective poll. 

Making a survey

Regardless of the poll function, you can also create entire surveys. These can be used either for a final questionnaire to get feedback, or for smaller surveys to gain insight into whether the presented content has been understood by the audience.

In conclusion, Slido is a very useful interactive tool. The collected data is archived and can be exported as Excel or PDF for further processing. The self-explanatory handling and the possibility to create polls and surveys in advance speak in favor of using the tool during a presentation.