September 10th 2021

Introductory weekend for first-semester students at the MCI Campus

137 students chose flexibility in time and place

"I've never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else" - with this quote from Abby Wambach, the head of departement and studies, FH-Prof. Dr. Maria Pammer, welcomed the first-semester students of the Betriebswirtschaft Online, Business Administration Online and Corporate Governance & Finance Online programs in Innsbruck on the first weekend of September. The majority of the students are already in the middle of their professional lives, which is why they should not see themselves as lone fighters, but rather as a team that masters these intensive, but also exciting two or three years together.

To facilitate this team feeling, the students were given a campus tour after an initial introduction to the learning platform, the MCI webinar tool and first glimpses of other MCI services, and were then able to round off the evening at a relaxed get-together.

On the two following days, the first lectures already took place. The Bachelor students were able to work on their first exciting group tasks and were given an interesting guest lecture by Data Scientist Andres Azqueta-Gavaldon, PhD. The Master's students, on the other hand, were able to demonstrate their leadership skills in a simulation. In addition, they met MCI Double Robot "Sheldon", via which lecturer Dr. Andreas Simon from Saint Mary's College in the USA joined in on the subject of auditing. 

More exciting guest lectures, assignments and innovative online teaching will await the 137 students over the next two or three years. We look forward to walking this path together with them.